Frequency Asked Questions

No, we do not have any long-term contracts, you  just have to stay one full calendar month, and then you can cancel at any time with 7 days notice.

We are based in central Maidenhead, not far from Waitrose on Reform Road, SL6 8BT. Opposite Screwfix and adjacent to Dawkes Music, we also have free car parking with over 15 spaces.

Yes you can train whichever martial arts you want, if you want a combined price package, just contact us with which arts you wish to practice and we will get back to you with a price.

Yes we have a 10% discount for all serving military, paramedics, fireman, police and NHS. 

You will benefit through improved fitness and health, in addition if you train regularly you are likely to have improved resilience less anxiety and martial arts can also help children with self-esteem and confidence.

Yes we offer a FREE trial class, just email us or contact us at mmamaidenhead@gmail.com, with which martial art you woldl like to do and we can arrange for you to attend a FREE trail class.

Please email us on mmamaidenhead@gmail.com and we will get straight back to you.

Yes we offer both kids and adults 121 personal training, Our expert coaches will be happy to serve you, prices range from £45-80 per hour, dependent upon the art and coaches experience.

Welcoming Community

At Maidenhead Martial Arts, we pride ourselves on our fun and friendly classes, we have have a great community, which you will enjoy.

Top Notch Facilities

With premium zebra matting, fairtex heavy bags, gloves, pads and over 3600 sq ft of training space, we are one of the largest martial arts gyms in the UK.

Expert Coaches

Our expert coaches will help you learn BJJ, MMA more efficiently and effectively, we make learning complex martial arts  easier for you or your kids,

Kids Classes

We have some of the best kids martial arts classes, with lots of fun games and new things to learn, your kids will never be bored!

90% Retention Rate

We have one of the highest student retention rates and we are constantly trying to improve all aspects of our martial arts academy.

Health & Fitness

All our classes emphasise superior strength, mobility and cardio to keep you healthy and fit.

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